Medici MediaSpace is a membership-based collaborative located in St. Louis, Missouri. We are a vibrant community filled with diverse, energetic builders and changemakers who represent a variety of industries. We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and business owners who thrive in an environment that takes projects from concept to execution.

The Space


Designed for productivity, Medici MediaSpace offers high-speed Internet, a large kitchen, on-site coffee and space that includes cubes, offices, conference rooms and studios for media production and events. We have lease options for private, dedicated office space. It is a great option for growing companies without the cost or commitment of traditional leases. You also have access to meeting space, events and amenities. It is an affordable launchpad for independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and growing startups. Members host classes, workshops, seminars and social activities throughout our comfortable spaces.

The Media Hub

mediahubWe offer a full range of services you can rarely find in one studio much less a co-working space. There is access to audio and video facilities for everything from podcasting to full-scale movie production. Our members include experienced directors, producers and videographers who are adept at telling your compelling stories. The Medici Media Hub makes it easy to distinguish you from your competitors, boost your marketing efforts and drive sales for your business.

The Strategy Sessions


This is where the magic begins. We are a gathering place for ideas to be shared, connections to be made and projects to come to life. We invite members and guests to present ideas and challenges at the Medici Magic Strategy Sessions on Monday mornings. At the sessions, they receive immediate feedback from the participants. Members regularly collaborate in this interactive process that will assist them with developing plans to build new or upgrade established businesses.

Attend a Strategy Session

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