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Adam Kreitman is an expert in marketing strategy and online lead generation for service businesses at Words That Click.

Ade Tokunbo is a Photographer/Owner of Memories Matter 2 U. 

Andrew Bader manages the Business Development of IT services at Computer Solutions.

Art Snarzyk of Innerview Advisors, Inc. helps business owners and managers hire and manage top-performing staff.

Medici Mindset Interview with Art and Theo Louis Clark

Bill Ellis is a coach, international speaker and thought partner at Branding for Results.

Bill Smith provides audio/video/media production at Peace-Off Productions and is also the owner of Trikke STL Guided Tours.

Bing Dempewolf is the CEO of TAI-CHI Consulting.

Brett Kline is the Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Brett C. Kline Group.

Brian Lunt is the Co-Founder of Medici MediaSpace and the Chief Creative Strategist of Seed Level Creativity Lab.

Brian Rogers is an attorney who founded Blue Maven Law, LLC to bring a new legal services approach to building business.

Bruce Wehner helps individuals, families and businesses control more of their money as a Fnancial Advisor at e3Wealth.

Medici Mindset Interview with Bruce and Theo Louis Clark

Caren Libby is the Community Director of Medici MediaSpace and Owner of Image Media LLC, a company that provides Web Design, Marketing Programs and Photography services.

Medici Mindset Interview with Caren and Theo Louis Clark

Carla Barnes is the Owner of Anointed Angels.

Carolyn Cee Renee is the Owner of CR the Brand.

Chuck Rice founded and operates Brio Employee Development LLC, a firm that focuses on developing self-awareness in the workplace to improve performance, communications and stress reduction.

Medici Mindset Interview with Chuck and Theo Louis Clark

Craig Caesar is the owner of MakerMakers.

Craig Severinsen is a Business Coach and Digital Marketer at Bright Works PR and Marketing.

Cynthia Correll of Cynthia Correll & Co. is a Communication Architect who demolishes and simplifies complex messaging, pinpoints your competitive advantage, and constructs dialogues that engage the audience, so that your buyers will say "Yes!".

Darnell Singleton is a videographer and editor at his company 4 Funky Cows Productions.

Darrell Green is the Owner of Grind Hard City Fitness.

Darrius Hawkins is the owner of Beat by D.

David Fischer is a Chair and Executive Coach at Convene.

David Berger and Michelle Berger are the Owners of Envision by Design.

Dawn Krause is the Team Leader of The Krause Basler Team powered by Keller Williams Realty.

Debi Corrie is a B2B CFO® Partner.

Deborah Gaut is the Owner of Boomalally.

Devan Walls is the Creator of The Prepare for Royalty Show.

Devin Destefano is a Managing Director of Next Genertion Advisor Strategy at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Devrick LaGrone is the CEO of The Millennium Entertainment Group.

Medici Mindset Interview with Devrick and Theo Louis Clark

Drew Bolinger is an Attorney at Bolinger Law St. Louis.

Elijah Sharks is the Owner of Tipz Photography.

Eric LaGrone of E. Lagrone & Associates is an Electrical Contractor for industrial, commercial and residential.

George Slaughter is the Owner of St. Louis Web Pros.

Medici Mindset Interview with George and Theo Louis Clark

Herman Thomas is the Owner of Herman Thomas Jr. Photography.

Hervera Hambrick heads up the Real Life Church.

JJ Kirkpatrick is the Program Director at Goodwin Davis Academic Club.

Jacques and Inez Hughes are the Founders of Evangelistic Ministry of St. Louis.

John Ruprecht is a Mortgage Banker at Rockwood Bank.

John Schultz the Managing Partner and Founder of S4 Dynamics, a business transformation consulting firm, and S4 Entrepreneurs, a company that focuses on Entrepreneurial skills development training and education.

Medici Mindset Interview with John and Theo Louis Clark

Josh Levey is the Co-founder of Medici MediaSpace and CEO of CEV Consulting.

Joshua Norris is the owner of JN Collective Design.

Jun Cai is an R&B and Pop Artist at Jun Cai Music.

Kaleb Higginbotham is the owner of Lens Concepts.

Karen Taylor-Liggins is the Owner of Higher Level Coaching & Mediation.

Kathie Thomas is the Founder & CEO of Beyond Concepts LLC and the President of the Board of Hope Creates.

Keith Vollmer is a Corporate Tax Accountant, Small Business Consultant, and Turnaround Specialist.

Kelli Justice is the owner of Kreative Services.

Kelly Quinn serves as State Director for Best Buddies Missouri, a nonprofit organization that bridges the social gap between people with and without disabilities through friendship, employment and leadership development.

Ken MocAbee is the Owner of Tuva Interactive.

Kevin Harrman is the The College Coach Choice at Bridges for Education.

Kingdom Media, the parent company of Mix 99.5 FM Radio, is a tenant whose members include Carlos Mayfield, Fernando, Smith, Kelli Justice, Lou Times Jr. and Terrance Isaiah.

Marcia Hilton Kyer is the Owner of MHK Consulting Network.

Matt Barbey is a Business Accelerator at Billionaire Thoughts.

Matt D’Rion is the Founder and CEO of Worry Free Marketing. The company provides Website Development, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Management services.

Dr. Matt Flory is the owner of the Functional Health Team.

Maureen Hughes is a Thai Yoga Instructor and Advanced Practitioner at Total Harmony Integrated Wellness.

McCardie brothers Austin, Curtis and Phillip are the Owners of Brothers 3 Studios.

Mich Hancock is the Creator of Engaging Social Media for Your Business at 100th Monkey Media.

Medici Mindset Interview with Theo Louis Clark

Michael Greenberg is a Growth Strategy Consultant and owner of Call for Content. He also operates the St. Louis Business Podcast for Business RadioX.

Michael Wotka is the owner of Wotka Realty LLC.

Michele Burghardt is an Abundance Coach at The Savvy Mind.

Michelle Berger is the co-owner of Envision by Design.

Michelle Isakson is an Owner of Lindbergh Properties.

Mike Kitko is a High-Performance Coach, Blogger, Speaker at Mike Kitko Coaching.

Nathanael Schultz is the Owner of Regenerative Marketing.

Nicole Muzquiz is a team member of BNI MidAmerica.

Reginald McNichols is the Owner of Ntegrity Music Records.

Rodney Bonner is the Owner of SkyMax-TV.

RaeJ Johnson is a Producer and Talk Show Host at The Other Side Talk Show.

Ralleigh Grandberry III is the Owner of VOCPAS.

Scott Ragain is the CEO and Founder of EG Media Group.

Sean Brady is a Sales Coach at Sales Equity Partners. His services include Sales Consulting and Coaching.

Sherrie Wehner is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Sherrie Wehner Consulting.

Dr. Stephanie Nicholson is the Marketing Director of Tree of Life Pediatric and Family Chiropractic.

Steven Denny is the Owner of American Business Network LLC. The company provides 1) Business Valuation - teaching owners the true value of their business 2) Business Brokerage - guiding people through the buying and selling of a business and 3) Business Value Improvement - teaching effective profit improvement, business development and strategic growth.

Synthia Mimms is the Owner of Crystal Catering & Consulting Co.

Tabetha Sheaver is the Owner of Plus Delta 314.

Tarah Williams is the Owner of Tea Time Enterprises.

Ted Sloan is the Executive Producer at Fat Chimp Studios.

Terry Lammers is the Owner of Innovative Business Advisors.

Medici Mindset Interview with Theo Louis Clark

Terry Tatum is the founder of Utenzi Events and Management and Magma Maintenance.

Theo Louis Clark is the Owner of Theo Louis Clark Radio. He is an On-Air Personality, a Voice-over Artist and Covert Protection Specialist.

TiErre Harris is a Producer/Musician at TiErre Harris Productions.

Timothy McGimpsey is the Owner of WhoIsTimothy.com.

Dr. Tom Gargiula is a Chiropractor at Windmill Chiropractic.

Dr. Tom Hill is a Coach at Eagle Goal Coach Inc.

Tom Palitzsch is the Owner of Thomas Realty Group, LLC.

Tom Robinson is the Owner of St. Louis Development Group.

Tom Ruwitch is the Founder and President of Marketvolt, an email marketing software and services firm which helps businesses attract leads, engage prospects, close sales and maximize lifetime value of customer relationships.

Vicki Kahn is the Owner of LIFEBinder LLC.

Victor Muzquiz is the Executive Director of BNI MidAmerica.

Virginia Muzquiz is the Director of Business Development at BNI MidAmerica and is also known as the Referral Diva.

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