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Medici Community Outreach

By Maddie Ruwitch | Dec 15, 2017

When Medici began, one of our biggest goals was to impact the community in a positive way through our collaborative efforts. As our community expands and strengthens, we plan to continue to utilize our resources and collaborative energy to engage in community outreach. Two of the most successful philanthropic efforts supported by the Medici community…

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Medici Marketplace is the Unagency

By Caren Libby | Dec 1, 2017

Brett Kline is the Managing Partner of Medici Marketplace, a cooperative marketing and media services company that he founded with Partners Josh Levey and Brian Lunt, the Co-founders of Medici MediaSpace. Brett has over 20 years of senior executive marketing and operations experience in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industry in the United States and Asia.…

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Autumn Ripples and Recycling

By Caren Libby | Oct 23, 2017

Autumn has been packed with activity for the Medici members, especially during the month of October. Jesse Barash facilitated an  Ideation 101 Workshop, Brett Kline hosted the first Medici Marketplace Meetup with graphic designers and Matthew Flory held an event for the Functional Health Team Academy. Sean Brady and Ben Zuckerman geared up for the Prosperous Career Lunch…

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Makers Meet at Medici MediaSpace

By Caren Libby | Sep 17, 2017

The Medici Makers Meetup is an opportunity for talented makers to meet, connect and share experiences, insights and wisdom with other makers. This Meetup also provides makers with information that will help them better understand the process of going to market and how to access reputable resources. Topics that will be covered include how to…

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The Value of Mindfulness in the Workplace

By Caren Libby | Sep 11, 2017

Chuck Rice is an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner, certified Mindfulness Ambassador, and founder and CEO of BRIO Employee Development LLC. In his article Understanding Mindfulness in the Workplace that was recently published in PeoriaMagazines.com, he explained why the movement of mindfulness is going mainstream. READ MORE Chuck is part of a team of Medici members…

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Create Your Own Renaissance

By Caren Libby | Sep 3, 2017

Medici is a vibrant community filled with diverse, energetic builders and changemakers who represent a variety of industries. We are entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and business owners who thrive in an environment that takes projects from concept to execution. During our first year, our members have connected, educated, entertained and grown their businesses through creative use…

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A Brilliant Idea: ware(HOUSE) Concerts

By Caren Libby | Aug 17, 2017

Tom Ruwitch is Founder and President of MarketVolt — a full-service marketing, communications, and software firm that specializes in email marketing and content marketing. He’s also a Medici member who actively participates in many of our strategy sessions and events. In May, Tom debuted the first (ware)HOUSE Concert at Medici MediaSpace, a concept that was…

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Member Spotlights: Lorie Nelson and Vicki Kahn

By Caren Libby | Aug 5, 2017

The InnovateHER: Innovating for Women Business Challenge recognizes and supports entrepreneurs who create a product or service that has a measurable impact on the lives of women and families, has the potential for commercialization and fills a need in the marketplace. Two of our members – Lorie Nelson from Illinois and Vicki Kahn from Missouri…

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A Summer of Enlightment

By Caren Libby | Jul 30, 2017

When Medici MediaSpace debuted in August of 2016, one of the primary goals for the community was to provide a place where people could share and fulfill their business or personal goals. Many of our members have created opportunities to connect, educate, entertain and grow their businesses through creative use of our space and the…

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