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Member Spotlight: Tom Huling Brings a Happier You to Life

By Caren Libby | May 5, 2017

Tom Huling joined the Medici MediaSpace community in 2016. He had written and published a beautifully-illustrated book filled with inspiring stories and positive messages. Tom has been on a mission to help other people live a happier existence, and he was seeking a way to build on what he started.

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What Draws People to Medici MediaSpace?

By Caren Libby | Apr 28, 2017

In the nine months that Medici MediaSpace has been open, there are recurring themes that tend to draw a majority of people to visit and join the community. They come to us to help them give birth to their ideas, dreams and goals, and we gladly give them feedback in our regularly-scheduled strategy sessions. Members can…

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Take Action Success Seminar

Member Spotlight: Take Action with Leisa Jenkins

By Caren Libby | Apr 21, 2017

When Leisa Jenkins visited Medici MediaSpace for the first time, she recognized the value of belonging to this community. She had a vision to take her business to an entirely different level, and she realized immediately that the tools she needed were all there. She became a member and began working with a team at…

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Medici MediaSpace Milestones

By Caren Libby | Apr 14, 2017

Since Medici started in August of 2016, our membership has grown steadily. We’ve doubled our space and opened the doors to individuals and businesses that are growing with us. Our business model is designed to build opportunities and capacity around the needs of the community. We’ve developed custom memberships for people who need media services and who are starting or ramping…

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Grow with Medici MediaSpace

By Caren Libby | Feb 26, 2017

Medici MediaSpace has been in existence for almost seven months, and as our community evolves, the opportunities are growing. The motivation behind the initial concept is explained in this Post-Dispatch article by Tony Messenger: Ex-banker sees entrepreneurs as the saviors of St. Louis Co-founders Brian Lunt and Josh Levey have enjoyed meeting and working with extraordinary, talented…

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Building Platforms for Success

By Caren Libby | Feb 20, 2017

A Library of Inspiration At Medici MediaSpace, we often reference authors and books that have had a profound influence on how we’ve approached our business model. The Medici Effect describes what happens when you combine diverse concepts, industries, disciplines, and cultures to create groundbreaking ideas and innovations.

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An Easy Way to Grow Your Business

By Caren Libby | Feb 12, 2017

Are you looking for innovative ways to pursue your dreams? Medici MediaSpace was created to provide a space for business owners to share their ideas and challenges. As a community, we work together to solve problems, explore the viability of ideas and turn opportunities into realities. Are you interested in expanding your network and business opportunities? During our…

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4 Ways to Connect and Learn

By Caren Libby | Jan 24, 2017

At Medici MediaSpace, we are supporting and connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and artists by providing industry resources, mentorship, opportunities, workshops and special events. We’re starting out the new year with more opportunities for people to benefit from the Medici experience. WEEKLY SESSIONS We’ve added a Tuesday morning Discovery Session to our weekly line-up. This is designed for…

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Discover the Impact

By Caren Libby | Jan 13, 2017

The Medici Strategy Sessions have been instrumental in connecting people, introducing business ideas and sharing passion projects. The Monday morning “Magic Sessions” familiarize our guests with the concept and give members a way to explore possibilities that are a good fit for them. The schedule for the sessions can be viewed here. On Tuesday, January 17,…

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