“When I first visited Medici, I liked the space and the high-quality people I saw there. I didn’t fully understand all they were offering, but their month-to-month, pay-as-you-go structure allowed me to sample their services. Months later, I’m still involved. The quality and helpfulness of the members has allowed me to strengthen my network of referral partners and has provided great business opportunities. The strategy sessions have been amazing. There are few places where you will have the opportunity to receive excellent business input and support from such a variety of great people. Medici is a great place to network, build your business, and have help overcoming any business challenges you might be facing.” 

– Art Snarzyk, InnerView Advisors

I was looking for a business coach, but kept resisting signing up with anyone. Then I discovered Medici! There I found a room filled with amazing, insightful, intelligent, giving people that understand collaboration to its highest degree. So very awesome to land in exactly the right place and be able to create solid plans for taking my business, my life and my goals up to that next level. Love Medici and all its members!”

~ Mich Hancock, CEO, 100th Monkey Media and Co-Founder, TEDxGatewayArch

“If we all persevere, I believe it will blossom into a powerful organization that realizes the team’s vision. Serendipity has played a significant role in my life, and it always starts by doing something like this.  I’m looking for an opportunity to contribute value, create value, and see what happens as a result.  I expect only good things.” 

– J. J. Kirkpatrick, Mitchell Blackwood Productions

“I love the collaborative/networking aspect to the community. As I grow, I look forward to accomplishing great things with the group to help others grow as well.”

– Craig Severinsen, Brightworks PR & Marketing

“It is often foolish to search the world for riches if you haven’t looked in your own backyard. I have no need to beg L.A. and the Big Apple for attention when they are going to just let me claim the rest of the country, starting with Saint Louis. We are partnering with the city and county to rebrand this city as The Entertainment Capital of the Midwest.”

– Devrick Lagrone, Millennium Entertainment

“I come from an acting/video production background and will be looking to grow that portion of my business. The access to the video space/sound resources is a HUGE advantage for Medici.”

– Craig Severinsen, Brightworks PR & Marketing


“The Medici concept remains nebulous, which appeals to me.  It can be whatever we make it, and getting there will be a fun, educational, and potentially life changing adventure.”  

J. J. Kirkpatrick, Mitchell Blackwood Productions

“I joined Medici in the hopes of growing by business tremendously by leveraging the expertise of other professionals and collaborating in a group setting. My goal is to connect with like-minded professionals that can help bring Guidester to a completely new level.”

– Jack Baumann, Guidester

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