A Foundation of Abundance

All of us forming the Medici MediaSpace family serve as a contemporary, proud example of any number of great maestros. We are, collectively and individually, Maestro Medici.  

As such, I wish for each of us to live with an abundance mindset. I see the potential as I converse with various members here, as I walk the facility and observe the awesome collaboration that is often informal but always powerful. Then, I see concepts ushered into reality.

Abundance begins when we value humanity for the amazing beings we are. 

Recognizing the creativity inherent in each of us not only fuels the path of abundance but also opens the same path for any who dare to look within themselves. Great entrepreneurs understand this. When people explore and discover their own worth, they lower their defenses and join in the creative effort, often as a consumer or collaborator. 

In the Renaissance, the House of Medici supported the efforts of those willing to think in new ways, rediscover the value of old ways, and express those two things creatively. The powerful family supported the creative drive of humanity. The Medicis knew that true abundance lay in encouraging human potential. 

Check out this article that shows the fruits of an abundance mindset.

This investment in one another yields the abundance we often desire not only in a financial way but also in those abundant intangibles: time to enjoy life, to dream, to create, to relate to one another in positive, understanding, and mutually supportive ways. 

The maestros of the Renaissance knew, at first, that a truly abundant mindset does not worry about competition. They knew, as I hope we all do, that encouraging and eliciting the best from ourselves by helping others do the same nurtures creative solutions that make life richer for all.