A Personal Approach

Creating Your Own Accountability System

External expressions of accountability originate from within each of us. Inversely, internal accountability is influenced by external forces. Does accountability begin as a personal issue, or is it first imposed on us? I believe exploring the internal vs. external aspects more deeply may yield many of us positive returns.

Creative innovators explore in order to discover, and self-discovery helps begin the development of accountability. Think about these questions. Maybe even record your responses to a few of them in some form. 

  • How do my projects, work, creations, activities of life answer to my self-concept?
  • How can I use my personal sense of accountability to enter into an accountable relationship with others?
  • Why is accountability an important aspect of life and business?

It’s important to pay attention to both aspects; however, being honest with self provides the best starting point for effective accountability. When we do not live our highest self and do not answer to that inner voice of our essential nature, we will never be able to give an accurate account to others. The recognition of self-deceit may indicate we are also deceiving our clients, consumers, or personal relationships. When we recognize we have deceived ourselves, we check to see where that manifests in the external.

Many practice accountability mostly in terms of feeling responsible to give others what is expected. Rather than living in the joy of answering to self, they allow themselves to be held hostage. Such people willingly enter captivity through fear of disappointing others. The way many folks believe accountability works is rather like a mother’s look that ascribes instant guilt, the look that says, “You know what I expected, and you let me down. Now, there will be consequences for your irresponsibility.” Such a concept is foreign to the maestro.

It’s the blame game. Blame yourself, blame someone else, and expect punishment. I understand the thought; however, I would like us in the house of Medici to focus on the sense of answerability, the sense of the quality of being answerable with the understanding of being called to account. A maestro thinks deeply about the essence of such words and concepts. To whom do I answer, and for what do I give account?

When developing my personal accountability system, I answer solely to myself based on what I sense is my highest good. Anyone else’s opinions or expectations have no bearing at this point of personal clarity. I want to get this right to enter into the most effective relationship with others. At times, my own ego uses accountability to create self-guilt, which then propagates thoughts and behaviors which do little to help re-assess and establish a workable accounting system. This is the essence of accountability: what is the “bookkeeping” system, how has it been established, and are the terms of accounting what I want to be answerable for?

Maestros know they are liable and answerable to themselves. When they assume this personal accountability and unapologetically work from the highest self, they know they can answer to anyone. They know what they promise themselves and won’t allow others to distort those terms, which gives clarity. Since they know themselves and have clarified to themselves what their terms of accountability are, they take responsibility for any accounting that doesn’t meet their terms. 

Whatever business or work you do, clarify your efforts in order to establish your terms of accountability. Do your terms come from your highest self? How do you want to express that highest self to your manager, customers, clientele, or consumers? Make sure and cover all elements as a thoughtful creative person. If you share space with others, ensure your system of accountability includes mutual respect. 

One caution is this: Do not make yourself accountable or be called to answer for others’ systems. Refuse the blame. Knowing yourself and your own system allows clear communication and productive decisions when two people, businesses, or systems interact. Personal determination of accountability creates a positive flow, even when reassessments occur. Tension about meeting others’ expectations is released, and we can enjoy ourselves.

Did you get that? Enjoy yourself! When we are clear about ourselves and establish our own accounting system, accountability becomes a tool of usefulness that keeps us true to the joyful, fulfilling reasons we create and work.