Medici Core Value: Fun, Good Spirit

Last week we discussed mutual respect and its key role in achieving productive conflict.

Today, we’re discussing a lighter, but important value that many entrepreneurs often forget.

Fun, Good Spirit

As hard as it can be, some of the reasons we choose entrepreneurship include the opportunity to follow a passion, freedom to make decisions, and the inspiration to create something new.

On the way to making a profit, don’t forget to have fun with it!

To say that the last 13+ months challenged our businesses would be an understatement. All of us were forced to adapt to a new, virtual landscape of bed-head Zoom conferences and online services.

And yet, the best parts of entrepreneurship never truly left.

Any person who’s still in business broke the pandemic down into bite-sized challenges. As always, creative problem solving and collaboration created the small victories that dotted the journey and kept our businesses afloat. 

The grit, and the optimism, and the humor it took to keep going — that’s the “fun, good spirit” we value at Medici. It keeps us sane and encourages us to meet the unexpected with confidence.