Diversity, Respect, and Unity

The Essence of Collaboration

I want you to think about collaboration and the unique opportunity we have here within Medici MediaSpace. Also, think about how Collaboration works with and has that exponential effect when combined with other Medici Core Values, specifically Abundance Mindset and Mutual Respect. 

Collaboration holds powerful possibilities of wealth in almost any way that can be measured. Consider an example here at our “House of Medici MediaSpace” as we work towards a definite renaissance. The Medici Messenger, this email publication, represents collaboration. My attempt to “rebirth” what was a functional newsletter, but wasn’t fully capturing the spirit, the possibilities or the magic, couldn’t be accomplished by one person–not even a Maestro like myself. Jeni, Josh and Mike entered into collaboration to help produce this new Medici Messenger, and while an unlikely trio, through talks and brainstorming sessions a renewed spirit arose from interactions and the intersection of each other. New ideas emerge each week. Each individual plays a part and holds an investment in the final product. And, what makes this even more collaborative is their interactions with members and the contributions of those members to help me with my voice to produce this Messenger

In fact, at times I may write as Maestro from my vantage point. Then again, I may write about us, we, or ourselves; for if you look in the mirror, a maestro may be looking back. Maestros know and value others. They know the unity brought by the divine spark dwelling in all, and they choose to engage that spark and kindle new fires with those who resonate at specific times for specific projects. 

Furthermore, maestros, who create rebirths borne of that divine collaborative spark, respect one another, all that pertains to their work environment, and all they impact. They work in the balance of a true partnership, even if only for a project, with no hint of superficiality or superiority. 

I value each one involved in collaboration. I see magic and miracles that result from respect, balance and interchange of ideas and abilities. Look around, my fellow members of this house. Infinite possibilities abound, so why not engage with those who think, look and experience life differently?