Do you know your WHY, HOW and WHERE?

Medici MediaSpace is a unique co-working collaborative that is blessed with creative energy and a talented, innovative community of people. When they were introduced at a strategy session, many of our members exchanged their ideas and challenges with us. Some of them knew their WHY; others were trying to find it. What many of them found at Medici was the HOW and the WHERE to make their WHY happen. This was the journey of Drs. Jacques & Inez Hughes when they set out to establish and build a congregation for the Evangelistic Word Ministry of St. Louis. Being part of the Medici community has helped them move forward with realizing their dream.

Some of our members have sold their companies or retired from or left corporate jobs to go down a different path. Two members – Steve Denny and Terry Lammers – recently merged the best of their businesses into one at Innovative Business Advisors. This is a meeting place for BNI Mid-America, Take Action Life Coaching and Dr. Tom Hill’s Angels. Brett Kline launched Medici Marketplace, a cooperative marketing and media services company.

Several seminars and workshops have taken place in our studios and classroom including the Take Action Seminar hosted by Leisa Jenkins, the Winter Edventure (from the Center for Entrepreneurial Education) organized by John Schultz and his team and the Connectors Circle Conference that was launched by George Slaughter. Rock 4 the Cause was a community project that was inspired by Lou Darden. It featured four local bands with proceeds going to eight charities.

All of these projects were driven by pursuing a WHY and adding the HOW and WHERE.

If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you. ~ Simon Sinek