Generating, Nurturing & Living in a Fun Good Spirit

A good spirit originates from our mindset. Once we choose, nurture, and express good spirit, we positively affect our environment. Like the wind (the root meaning of spirit), a good spirit does not always blow, but when we waft that sweet aroma, when our souls breathe out our essence, we impact all around us.

The effects of a good spirit are felt by others, some who are near to us and some who are in the larger collective. This is why it is so important to be true to ourselves and authentic in our relationships. A good spirit generates connections; others want to be around good-spirited people. Also, this is why people are so often encouraged to be engaged in daily work that they deeply care about. 

We know this. Every job does not have to be our dream job, but others who encounter us feel our spirit. Have you ever pulled up to a fast food restaurant window only to be told, “That will be $10.78.”?  Nothing else. No other words. How different does it feel to be greeted by someone with a smile and a simple hello and thank you? To me, it’s a big difference. We choose to engage in good spirit. 

Good spirit leads to enjoying life, experiencing life in a way that is fun. Maestros know this at some level. It’s helpful for our work if we nurture this fun good spirit on a conscious level. How much more effectively could we create if we looked at life and moved through it with a fun, good spirit?

Let’s start a perception shift by examining life in the most basic of ways. Is your life energy positive or negative? Albert Einstein said this: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Looking at all the little, daily miracles warms us, generates a wind, and blows a fun, good spirit around us.

What do you see and can you name as those million little miracles in life? How about the few you can begin to name right now in your life today? The energy this produces is palpable. The maestros of the Renaissance saw the miracles, and through their magic, they produced more miracles in their work. We can, too, in any field, service, or  product we sell. A fun good spirit touches the lives of others.

In Tennyson’s poem, Ulysses (Odysseus) of Trojan War fame sums up this aspect of a fun good spirit. Ulysses returns after a twenty-year absence. He resumes his place as King of Ithaca; however, he knows sitting on a throne is not who he is. He names his son as successor—because his son’s strength was in administration—and Ulysses takes off to do that which is his fun good spirit sweet spot: exploration and adventure. He knows that we affect others, and here is the kernel of that truth: “I am a part of all that I have met.” What sort of energy do others remember about us?

This week, two suggestions emerge. One is looking at the miracles of life within daily experience. See them, name them, and enjoy them. The second is nurturing a conscious awareness of how we leave a little part of our energy with everyone we meet. 

These can be nurtured by self-reflection and observing those who you can feel exude a fun, good spirit. Such people populate Medici MediaSpace. I know. I see them every time I walk in the building. 

Smile! Enjoy the life you have created and are creating. Let others feel the fun and enthusiasm of your good spirit.