Medici MediaSpace has been in existence for almost seven months, and as our community evolves, the opportunities are growing. The motivation behind the initial concept is explained in this Post-Dispatch article by Tony Messenger: Ex-banker sees entrepreneurs as the saviors of St. Louis

Co-founders Brian Lunt and Josh Levey have enjoyed meeting and working with extraordinary, talented people who have experienced the unique approach to connecting, strategizing and rolling up our sleeves to move a variety of projects forward. We’ve had several hundred people participate in strategy sessions and tour our facilities.

The people who have become members are from diverse backgrounds and businesses. We’ve discovered that they are here because they want to work in a positive, flexible environment. There is also a common desire to make the world a better place while they pursue their business goals. We encourage members and guests to share their ideas and seek assistance with their challenges. The community is generous with their feedback.  As members, we can dive deeper into a process that can help you grow your business, fulfill a dream or raise funds for those in need. To better understand how we can benefit you, we invite you to visit and decide if this is where you want to grow.

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