Humanity, Smiles, & a Good Spirit!

The Core Values at Medici MediaSpace present powerful principles that transcend rules and regulations; however, they only function for us when we invoke them. When we appropriate them in the right spirit, a good spirit, they allow us to engage in a natural lifestyle that includes fun. Oh, and a fun good spirit happens to be one of our Core Values.

A good spirit was also one of the core principles of the Renaissance, the rebirth of the arts in culture. In the Renaissance, the maestros realized the potential of their own thoughts and abilities and tapped into them. They expressed their beauty in their art and thought and society. In doing so, their creations showed others the joy of the human spirit that had been largely dormant for ages. It kind of caught on!

Going into this period of holidays, let’s celebrate not only the holiday but also ourselves. Recognize all the potential within ourselves and all around us. A good spirit is a positive outlook on the beauty of this world and on our part in it. We may be happy on a daily basis with ourselves and those around us, even when experiencing challenges. Life isn’t always easy, and we need one another in many ways; however, when we have this basis of a good spirit, we know the potential for solutions and moving forward in beauty.

Does anyone doubt the value of a good spirit? Who do you turn to when you want advice or feel the need for encouragement or an alternative outlook on a situation? Or maybe, as I do, at times, we just want to share some minutes with someone who makes us feel valuable and helps us, in some intangible way, to enjoy part of the day. Is it the person who views themselves and others as prone to failure with little cause for hope, or is it those who smile, welcome us, and share the value they see in life? 

Here in the house of Medici MediaSpace, those smiles as I encounter many tell me how they feel about themselves, me, and the possibilities even through the challenges of business development, growth, and collaboration. 

During these upcoming weeks leading into the new year, I consider how I shall allow the good spirit, the spiritually healthy energy, to characterize me. I want to unleash the breath—the root of spirit—of the hopes and values in life all around me. Next time we walk past one another or engage with one another, think of all the beauty those Renaissance maestros saw in humanity and this world. Then, let’s celebrate in a good spirit and smile!