Makers Meet at Medici MediaSpace

The Medici Makers Meetup is an opportunity for talented makers to meet, connect and share experiences, insights and wisdom with other makers. This Meetup also provides makers with information that will help them better understand the process of going to market and how to access reputable resources. Topics that will be covered include how to fabricate your work, move into limited production, protect your designs and SELL your products.

The Meetups will take place at Medici MediaSpace and will be facilitated by Craig Caesar. Craig had a successful first career in the corporate world as a software engineer, consultant, and technology executive, most recently at Microsoft. He left the corporate world in 2015 and launched his second career as a serial entrepreneur, educator, designer, artist, and maker.

The first meeting, Introduction to the Medici Makers Meetup, is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/20, from 2-4 PM. Learn more about this Meetup Group!

The maker movement is about people who want to gain more control of the human design world that they interact with every day. Instead of accepting off-the-shelf solutions from institutions and corporations, makers would like to make, modify, and repair their own tools, clothing, food, toys, furniture, and other physical objects. ~ Mark Frauenfelder