Making the Most of Collaborative Coworking

Technology has made it simpler for people to work almost anywhere there is a Wi-fi connection. For people who work alone or with a small group, a coworking community can provide an environment of congenial and synergistic collaboration. At Medici MediaSpace, we facilitate:

  1. Connection and collaboration

Our weekly strategy sessions introduce a myriad of possibilities for making connections that could change your business and personal life. The mingling of minds has opened doors for many of our members and visitors. We’re often amazed at how many people with common interests and passions have been introduced in our lobby as they’re coming and going. These synchronistic collisions are part of what we call “Medici Magic.”

  1. Raising the bar

When you’re around a variety of people who have different skill sets, you can tap into new sources for ideas that enhance the creative process. When you bust out of your comfort zone, it’s quite possible that you’ll have an “A-ha moment” that can positively influence the direction of your business.

  1. Having fun

Spending many hours alone can create a feeling of isolation. When you work around other people, you experience camaraderie and a sense of belonging. There are many events – like our musical Jam Sessions – that bring our members and guests together to build community and have fun doing it!

The Medici MediaSpace Advantage

At Medici, we offer much more than a cost-effective coworking space. At the Community Membership level and up, you have full use of our offices, conference rooms, classroom, production studios and kitchen for growing your business and hosting events. Our strategy and consulting sessions are designed to help you move you and your business forward. We also encourage members to establish a set of office hours to connect and collaborate in the comfort of our facility.

The Medici Marketplace is a collection of marketing and media members who offer a unique blend of marketing expertise to serve the business community with quality services at affordable rates.

Medici Media space is the perfect location for my business.  I have ample room to have meetings one on one, or have classroom size meetings with no additional costs.  I love the atmosphere of collaboration that works to everyone’s advantage. With a diverse community of business owners and rainmakers the Medici spirit keeps everyone moving forward and leaning in to opportunity.  I can use the space freely and the members genuinely want everyone in the building to win. I love being a member and highly recommend the space to solopreneurs and growing partnerships.
~ Kevin Harrman, Bridges for Education