Medici Community Outreach

When Medici began, one of our biggest goals was to impact the community in a positive way through our collaborative efforts. As our community expands and strengthens, we plan to continue to utilize our resources and collaborative energy to engage in community outreach. Two of the most successful philanthropic efforts supported by the Medici community have been Rock 4 The Cause and Hope Creates.

Rock 4 The Cause is a project that was organized by a Medici team, our sponsors and charity representatives. It is designed to raise awareness and distribute net proceeds to eight local charities. Four local bands welcomed an enthusiastic audience on July 12, 2017 to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment. The event was a huge success, and we’re excited to gear up for a bigger and more impactful version of the project in the coming year.

Hope Creates provides an opportunity for young adults in recovery from addiction to improve their lives through the engagement with and creation of art, and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

One of our esteemed members, Jesse Barash, is on the board for Hope Creates. Through Jesse, Hope Creates began to host their board meetings at Medici. Medici co-founder Brian Lunt was introduced to the Hope Creates Board President, Kathie Thomas, and immediately fell in love with their mission. Brian believed that collaborating at a deeper level would be beneficial to everyone involved, so he agreed to assist Kathie with her pilot event at Medici. Brian collected paints, materials, and supplies, as well as drywall and other mediums to prepare for the event, and on a Sunday afternoon, the Medici warehouse transformed into a comfortable, garage-like atmosphere, complete with couches and music. Luckily, the day was so beautiful that the team actually got to paint outside. In addition to acting as the event host, Brian got out there and helped to paint one of the drywall pieces. The canvases created at the event now embellish the walls of Medici.

We are very excited to partner with the Hope Creates organization at Medici, because we see tremendous capabilities for collaboration both in supporting their efforts to rehabilitate the young adults, creating an environment for them to do so, and building a space to benefit from their creative projects.

Read the St. Louis Post Dispatch article about
the backstory of Hope Creates here.

Rock 4 The Cause and Hope Creates are two fantastic projects that demonstrate the power of philanthropy. The Medici Community is proud to engage with these projects, and is excited to expand on opportunities for community outreach in 2018.