Medici Core Value: Community Focus

Over the last nine weeks, we’ve discussed nine Medici core values.

Today, we’re talking about our final value, which brings all of the rest together. 

Community Focus

One of the greatest assets we have as Medici members is the greater network of entrepreneurs we belong to. 

As business owners, we face similar challenges when it comes to growing our businesses, even though we come from a wide variety of industries.

We have the advantage of collaborating and receiving support from each other to overcome those challenges. It’s an easy thing for us to take for granted, but most small business owners are more isolated.

What’s the extra price we pay for these advantages?

We have to share.

Sharing Medici’s common spaces, bookable spaces, and administrative resources requires us to keep all the core values in mind.

Values like communication, mutual respect, and cleanliness lower the cost of sharing the space and make room for other values, like collaboration and fun/good spirit, that move our businesses forward.

When we keep that understanding top-of-mind, we create a collective Community Focus that benefits everyone.