Medici Core Values: Mutual Respect

Last week we discussed how our core value of cleanliness helps maintain a professional atmosphere for everyone within our community. 

Today, we’re talking about another value that includes cleanliness, as well as other topics we’ve covered like communication, collaboration, and productive conflict.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect plays a role or should play a role, in every interaction we have with one another. We want to focus on just two values it relates to today:

How mutual respect helps us share the facility and why we need it in any productive conflict. 

Let’s start with the easy one. Medici is a coworking-like space where we all share the same conference rooms, media studios, and event spaces.

 Having mutual respect for our fellow members means cleaning up after ourselves and resetting rooms so that the people using the space afterward can get to work as soon as their reserved timeslot starts.

 The second point usually feels like a bigger challenge: maintaining mutual respect during conflicts. 

A few weeks ago we talked about productive conflict.

 Well, mutual respect is the productive part of that equation.

It allows us to resolve issues and then move past them without holding grudges.

Conflicts we see at Medici sometimes include things like the volume of one event disturbing another member’s meeting or the occasional confusion over who has what space booked. 

Medici staff always try to make themselves available to resolve these issues when necessary. But to the credit of our business community, most of these types of conflicts are resolved between members with mutual respect.