Medici Marketplace is the Unagency

Brett Kline is the Managing Partner of Medici Marketplace, a cooperative marketing and media services company that he founded with Partners Josh Levey and Brian Lunt, the Co-founders of Medici MediaSpace.

Brett has over 20 years of senior executive marketing and operations experience in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industry in the United States and Asia. He has served in a variety of senior executive marketing and operations roles leading enterprise-wide strategic initiatives that included brand strategy, customer loyalty and engagement, customer relationship management and decision science, sales organizational design, and marketing capability innovation.

Brett shared his experience about the development and launch of the Medici Marketplace.

How did you get involved with the Medici community?

I had lived all over the world when I was growing up with my family and later with my wife and children. We reached a point where we wanted to plant some roots, so we decided to move to St. Louis, which is close to where my wife’s family lives.

Dr. Tom Hill, who is my professional coach, has a monthly Mastermind at Medici, and I came to one of the meetings there. After spending several years in a corporate environment, I wanted to start my own consulting business and was looking for opportunities and resources to make it happen. After I took a tour and learned more about their business model and collaborative community, I had an epiphany. Everything I needed to grow my business was right there. I immediately signed up as a member.

How did the Marketplace evolve?

Josh, Brian and I recognized that about 30% of the Medici member companies offered marketing or media production services. Many of them had already produced projects as a team, and we decided to formalize the process by creating a robust marketplace.

The members share a set of core values, and three continuums were present among them. They include an ABUNDANCE MINDSET, EXPONENTIAL GROWTH and RELATIONAL EXPERIENCES that benefit the clients as well as the team. We spoke to the members in those fields to see who might be interested in being part of a collective and received tremendous support for the idea. While it was in development, many projects were already in the works. We provide the marketing strategy and services that are typically only available to large corporations. However, we’ve organized in such a way to make these services affordable and effective for small business owners. That is why we call ourselves the “unagency.”

What is your vision for the future of the Marketplace and your role in it?

I would say my vision for the Marketplace is twofold, to help to bring as much opportunity back into the Marketplace to help member companies grow their businesses and to grow the Marketplace with more partners so collectively we can continue to help more and more companies. I see my role in the Marketplace as helping to accomplish both goals.  My “why” has always been to help many companies achieve success and grow. Now I am able to do this both outward to the business community that need help and support in taking their companies to the next level, as well as inward, helping the Marketplace members to do the same.