Medici MediaSpace: An Intern’s Perspective

We are honored to have three college students working with us during their summer break. Maddie Ruwitch has been helping us with market research, social media marketing, video and website projects. She also wrote several observations about her experience in this blog article. Thank you Maddie for sharing your time, talent and perspective with us. 

Maddie Ruwitch and Theo Louis Clark

“On my first day here at Medici MediaSpace, I attended a Monday morning meeting. Members and guests attend this weekly strategy session to discuss business challenges and collaborate on solutions. At first, I felt out of my element, as a college student new to business, bombarded with business ideas coming from every corner of the room. However, as the conversation continued, I sat up, leaned into the table, and found myself nodding along. I was fascinated by the ability of so many unique individuals with different professions and perspectives to enhance each other’s ideas and learn from one another. The discussion reminded me of some of my favorite moments in classes at school – moments of rich discourse in which each person shared unique perspectives and insights.

Medici is a co-working community. Businesses utilize the trendy and cost-effective shared spaces of such communities with hopes of increasing sales and advancing creativity. Medici provides these benefits, but offers more than the typical co-working community. My experience in the Monday morning meeting exemplifies this.  Every person who utilizes the space engages in a symbiotic relationship with other Medici members and with Medici itself. Members focus not only on fostering personal creativity and improving their own businesses, but on helping the people they work with, too. The enthusiasm and creativity of the members allow for growth in their own businesses, the businesses of their counterparts, and Medici itself.

Medici works because it is a comfortable environment. The commitment to collaboration between a diverse and creative bunch of individuals fosters a thoughtful and kind working environment for the members. My experience with the Medici members has illuminated this culture of positivity. Every morning when I walk into Medici, I am struck by the kindness and genuine interest demonstrated by everyone there. People remember my name even though they do not have to. They seem genuinely invested in the work I am doing. They act as cheerleaders for my success. They offer concepts about business and life from many different angles, and provide me with a wealth of new ideas and perspectives to enhance my understanding of what it means to be a business person and a member of a community.”

By Maddie Ruwitch