Meet the Experts

Every week, some of the members have set aside specific time to meet people at Medici. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about their areas of expertise, ask questions and share information. Featured above are Mike Kitko, Nancy Erickson, Devrick LaGrone, Lorie Nelson and Ralleigh Grandberry III.

Once a month, Mike Kitko, a High Performance Coach, hosts Business Mastery Sessions at Medici. On the other Tuesdays, he has a Meet & Greet session.

Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor, invites you to a 45-minute personal idea session to talk about how you can transform your life and work experiences into a high-impact nonfiction book that will save lives, change lives, or transform society.

Devrick LaGrone from Millennium Entertainment is available to discuss opportunities to learn more about how to get into television, film and movie development. Their services include Concept Development, Video Production, Synchronization, Digital Publishing, Editing Audio/Visual, Special Effect Development, Set Lighting, Entertainment Projects, Casting and Talent Placement and much more.

Lorie Nelson from Signature Virtual Assistance is available to anyone who has administrative concerns, wants to learn more about what support her company provides or just wants to get together.

Ralleigh Grandberry III of VOCPAS is available to discuss basic educational standards to help you on your journey.