Member Spotlight: Aaron Reppert

Aaron R. Reppert puts the “Media” in Medici MediaSpace. He is an award-winning audio engineer, a 20+ year veteran in the industry, and he founded TravSonic Studios, an audio production company, in 2000. The company first catered to indie bands and recording artists, but recent clients include Disney, Warner Bros, MTV, VH1, and many more.

Aaron graduated from the San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning in 2002 with certification in Digital Design and Production. He was the first in the college program to deliver his final presentation in 5.1 surround sound, capturing the attention of industry professionals and paving the way for his career.

“I found Medici online through Craigslist while looking for a co-working space, studio, and office,” Aaron said, explaining that Medici is his team.“Without Medici, I wouldn’t have such great talent to rely on for projects.”

Like many people, Aaron worked at a variety of jobs before diving into the media world.

“I just couldn’t sit at a desk all day doing admin. I like to create and have an interactive environment,” he said. “So, I think that pushed me to create my own business and studio. Yes, it was a hard road and experience. But, I wouldn’t trade it for any other job.”

When Aaron was in college, he gained inspiration from one of his teachers, who owned a production studio in San Francisco. The studio, Pyramind, produced large orchestral pieces for movies and video games.

“I toured the studio, as well as interned, and that’s where I got my passion,” Aaron said. “I based most of my business image and structure on what I learned for that field.”

TravSonic aims to provide high-quality media production services for their clients through production tools, creating an effective product and enhancing their brand. From the initial script to final production, their talented team of industry professionals ensures that each project reaches its highest potential while adhering to the client’s objective, timeline, and budget.

“We believe in establishing collaborative partnerships that allow both parties to grow and excel in a bright future,” Aaron said.

Aaron’s vision has not deviated much from the place where he began his career. His dream is to record an orchestra score for a major motion picture and to produce sound design for a major film.

“I already reached one phase for major films, which is ADR recording. Now, I want to advance to more production,” he said.

The path of a media professional is rarely smooth, however, and Aaron is no stranger to the challenges that the industry faces.

“I almost closed my business 7 times in 20 years,” he said. “I closed and opened studios 4 times. But, each time business got bigger and I learned a lot. Went through the dot com crash in 2001, the 2008 economic crash and now, pandemic.”

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, he’s facing another life challenge–raising a family.

“I have changed the way I do business and the work I do to make more time to raise my kids and be flexible with my schedule,” he said.

In a way, the shift from physical to virtual work has given him the flexibility to do what he needs for his family.

“My business comes mostly from online and not in person now. I think the pandemic also changed how businesses run now. It has opened the door to do more online and international projects.”

Aaron found collaboration and support in the Medici community. He credits Medici with helping him reach and continue striving in his goal to do production for major films.

“Medici has helped me so much already with its business services, consultations, and more. I wish to continue to grow with Medici and learn from the great business people.”