Member Spotlight: N’Tegrity

Entrepreneurs have a singular challenge when it comes to creating a sustainable work-life balance. Being your own boss comes with all the perks — and all the responsibilities. For many, like member Reginald McNichols, who goes by N’Tegrity, the work-life challenge includes not only work vs. relaxation, but also family time.

N’Tegrity attributes his family as the main drive that got him where his is now.

“Knowing that I have little ones looking up to me, it helps me stay consistent with my work,” he said. “Leaving a legacy is very important.”

Part of that legacy is the single he has just submitted for nomination in the Grammy’s. Partnered with rap artist FERN, their song “Front Lines” “is a musical experience that listeners will not soon forget.” (Read press release here)

Founder, CEO and “head honcho” of N’Tegrity Music Records, N’Tegrity works with DJ 7Mics. He’s also the author of the book “When It’s No Longer Your Plan: How Plan B Led Me Back To Plan A,” and DJs for Boost Radio.

As early as childhood, N’Tegrity was surrounded by and drawn to music.

“Unconsciously watching all the figures around me become engulfed in the entertainment industry captivated my heart early,” N’Tegrity said.

What started as a hobby became a career when N’Tegrity attended Ex’treme Institute by Nelly and graduated valedictorian with a degree in recording engineering and production.

Eventually, the hobby-to-job journey led N’Tegrity to Medici. Like many, his experience started with a Monday morning strategy session.

“I was in a transitional time with studios. I was separating myself from one studio and wasn’t sure what my next steps would be,” he said. “A buddy of mine who’s a member of Medici brought me in on Monday for a strategy session.”

N’Tegrity is happy to share his story with other Medici members. The collaborative nature of Medici fits well with his style. He and his team have come up against plenty of obstacles, but the biggest challenge has been to convince themselves they can take their dreams and make them real.

“Believing first starts in your mind then converts to action. Once you get past that point the challenges become less challenging,” N’Tegrity said. “It’s our dream to continue educating more young artists and future entrepreneurs. Take our songwriting and music business seminar worldwide. I like to say ‘I’d rather be the least smartest person in the room because then I know there’s a wealth of knowledge to be consumed.’ We’re constantly growing and expanding. Always looking for ways to help the next entrepreneur or business owner. We’re looking to partner, grow and attach ourselves with more tech opportunities. In addition we now offer equipment rentals for small parties in-need of AV.”

Medici is here for N’Tegrity as he and his team search for new people to partner with in this exciting venture. We will continue bringing businesses together and create opportunities for the community to flourish.

“We welcome any like minded individuals who believe they can add value to what we’re growing,” he said.