Member Spotlight: Pat Dorsey

Pat Dorsey is the owner/operator of Mightier Than The Sword Consulting, and writes and edits for Legendary Planet Publishing.

In his collaboration with Legendary Planet Publishing, they produced a podcast called Somebody Knows, which is a weekly scripted mystery. Seven episodes are already live and available on multiple platforms.

Somebody Knows is the true-crime podcast hosted by Cincinnati’s Sara McNabb. Covering cold cases and unsolved mysteries, it’s only recently that Sara’s opened a live streaming dialogue with her listeners—her “knowers” as she affectionately calls them—which has taken her experience of these mysteries to a whole new level.

To Pat, Medici is “a place where we can all find the resources we need to keep moving forward.” He’s benefited from collaboration with community members and offers his expertise in writing.

“Everybody needs help with some aspect of their business, and most people are uncomfortable with or inexperienced at writing. I’m always up for working on ideas with them!” says Pat.

Pat found the Medici community after a meeting with another member at the space and when it came time to look for a place to work and strategize, it was the first place he looked.

“I’d been doing side gigs for years under Mightier Than The Sword Consulting, and when the opportunity came up, I ran with it,” Pat said. “I’ve always wanted to author books, write for TV and movies, like most writers, so building that on the side led to my partnership in Legendary Planet Publishing, where I’ve authored three books, become the series editor for the Planet’s Candle Game series of ghost storybooks, and overall get to play a very small-scale Stan Lee.”

As we all know, working for yourself isn’t a piece of cake. Being an entrepreneur or solopreneur is a full-time job, including nights and weekends. Pat juggles his workload and commitments like anyone else working to do what they love. Looking back, though, he overcame a lot to get to this point. Believing that he could do it at all was a major hurdle.

“So many of us are taught to aim for just finding a job you can tolerate and put up with all that entails because you have to,” Pat said. “Lots of people will tell you that you can’t do it, that it’s too hard or too unstable or too risky. Getting to the place where you’re in charge of your own work and income is liberating and scary; you’ve attained freedom, but with that comes the freedom to starve. Sort of the ultimate adulting where you need to own all your responsibilities, and you really only get stronger for it once you make that leap and come to those realizations and learn how really strong you are.”

We hope Medici lends you all the same kind of inspiration and encouragement. We all have an idea of the freedom we want, and we all need support to achieve it. Let us know what Medici can do to support you in your journey.