Member Spotlight: Tom Huling Brings a Happier You to Life

Tom Huling joined the Medici MediaSpace community in 2016. He had written and published a beautifully-illustrated book filled with inspiring stories and positive messages. Tom has been on a mission to help other people live a happier existence, and he was seeking a way to build on what he started.

Several Medici members collaborated to take his message global by sharing their ideas in strategy sessions. Caren Libby built the website, Ted Sloan led a team that brought the animated video to life, and Theo Louis Clark is one of the voice over artists. Devrick LaGrone created the animated logo and is also producing the upcoming eBook version of Happier You. Moses Ukoh is the videographer who is working with Mich Hancock to provide a variety of content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Tom’s extraordinary project is an example of how we bring people together to help members fulfill a dream. Our collaborative community is our greatest asset.

Click here for the Happier You Experience!

The more we can cultivate happiness for others, the happier we will be. ~ Dalai Lama