Nature Teaches Collaboration

Are You Open to Learn?

The topic of understanding and applying the principles of collaboration is so significant, I want to continue the discussion this week.

Nature provides truths that would benefit all, especially entrepreneurs, but only if we pay attention. Consider the definition of a relationship in nature known as mutualism, one form of a symbiotic relationship in which all species involved benefit—none left unchanged, none sucked dry. Some would call it the win-win scenario. It is. 

In nature, it’s an evolutionary process. For us, it’s a choice.

Humans who observe and learn may consciously choose such a relationship and mode of functioning, one that involves mutual respect, a core value here in the house of Medici. Maestros understand others have different ways of thinking, unique life experiences, natural abilities, and other qualities that resonate with them and benefit all involved. 

This intuitive resonance tells me when the right time arises to extend ideas, engage in vigorous interchanges, and enact brainstorming sessions with others. From there, the collaboration lives or dies. I never let the possibility die prematurely—I leave my mind and soul open.

True collaboration recognizes unity, and unity requires mutual respect because it embraces diversity. Engaging our unique, different selves promotes creativity. Humans who are shortsighted overlook the value of differences. All involved should seek to understand one another’s values and appreciate the possibilities. Those differences work to compose a unity in specific works or projects.

Diversity holds the key in collaboration, for why would anyone choose to collaborate with someone who is the same? Little mutual benefit would occur. If people want to play with those who are exactly like them, they may have fun, but they will rarely encounter an expanded consciousness or business. Diversity expands possibilities, many times in unexpected ways. Sometimes, magic evolves—the alchemy of creative innovation, of a project greater than the sum of its participants initiated by a divine spark. Sometimes, miracles happen. Here in the house of Medici, I observe amazing diversity; great opportunity sits waiting to be developed.

Do you want greatness? A creative, abundant, meaningful business? Then, observe nature, this creation, our own solar system. Sometimes, America’s intense focus on rugged individualism, that often resents others, defies the lessons of our own little nook in the universe. 

Mother Earth has birthed environments, ecosystems, niches, and habitats for all plants and animals. Yet, without air, the atmosphere, none of the plants and animals, including us, survive. Without water, all die. Without the moon to maintain Earth’s axial tilt and affect the ebb and flow of oceans, it all degrades and dies. Without the sun, no photosynthesis occurs, and once again, death would result. We come here to live in fullness, creative expression, and abundance.

This teaches the wise person that collaboration results in a beautiful, rich end product full of wonder that others, like consumers, may discover. When each participant engages their unique energies and abilities in respect and balance, all flourish. 

If you want to kill the hopes and dreams embodied in your business, ignore and resent all those different from you. Refuse to work with them, respect them, and appreciate and understand them. 

If, however, you wish to be a true master, then hear the Maestro and explore the possibilities here in the house of Medici. Then, collaborate and watch the magic and miracles begin to flow.