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Do you know your WHY, HOW and WHERE?

Medici MediaSpace is a unique co-working collaborative that is blessed with creative energy and a talented, innovative community of people. When they were introduced at a strategy session, many of our members exchanged their ideas and challenges with us. Some of them knew their WHY; others were trying to find it. What many of them…

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Meet the Experts

Every week, some of the members have set aside specific time to meet people at Medici. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about their areas of expertise, ask questions and share information. Featured above are Mike Kitko, Nancy Erickson, Devrick LaGrone, Lorie Nelson and Ralleigh Grandberry III. Once a month, Mike Kitko, a High…

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Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know to Succeed in Business

Brian Lunt and Josh Levey were honored to be included in the April Small Business Monthly as two of the Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know to Succeed in Business. They launched Medici MediaSpace in August of 2016 as a co-working space that provides consistent, viable and collaborative business opportunities for members to learn, share resources and…

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Making the Most of Collaborative Coworking

Technology has made it simpler for people to work almost anywhere there is a Wi-fi connection. For people who work alone or with a small group, a coworking community can provide an environment of congenial and synergistic collaboration. At Medici MediaSpace, we facilitate: Connection and collaboration Our weekly strategy sessions introduce a myriad of possibilities…

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Business Mastery and Media Magic

Since Medici MediaSpace began in August of 2016, we have grown into an eclectic community of people who are building business and honing their craft. From our weekly strategy sessions to events in our spaces, we have had the joy of watching and participating with our members as they Build Their Own Medici. The variety…

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Marty K. Casey is Acting Up

Marty K. Casey has a background in entertainment. She has been singing professionally since the age of 19. She has been acting, writing, and directing for over 20 years. She’s had shows at the Fox Theater while touring around the country, Germany, and France as an All American Entertainer. She’s been a proud member of…

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Make It Happen in the New Year

At Medici MediaSpace, we have a variety of sessions throughout the week that have the potential to be a supercharger for innovation and growth. This is what makes our business model truly unique. Guests and members are welcome to attend our Monday and Tuesday morning sessions to learn more about the community and what it…

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Medici Community Outreach

When Medici began, one of our biggest goals was to impact the community in a positive way through our collaborative efforts. As our community expands and strengthens, we plan to continue to utilize our resources and collaborative energy to engage in community outreach. Two of the most successful philanthropic efforts supported by the Medici community…

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Medici Marketplace is the Unagency

Brett Kline is the Managing Partner of Medici Marketplace, a cooperative marketing and media services company that he founded with Partners Josh Levey and Brian Lunt, the Co-founders of Medici MediaSpace. Brett has over 20 years of senior executive marketing and operations experience in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industry in the United States and Asia.…

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Discover How to Create Your Own Medici

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