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Caren Libby
9-11 AM

Medici MediaSpace


Caren Libby, Community Director, leads "The Medici Experience" - an orientation and tour that is available to new members and guests who are interested in learning more about the benefits of the various memberships and how to connected to the community. Caren is available on Tuesdays from 9-11 AM to share more details about how our extraordinary community can benefit you and your business. Please contact us to register.

George Slaughter
10 AM - Noon

Connectors Circle

George Slaughter provides education about how to get a higher performance and better return on your networking activities.

Business Mastery Sessions

Nancy Erickson
By appointment

The Book Professor

Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor, invites you to a 45-minute personal idea session to talk about how you can transform your life and work experiences into a high-impact nonfiction book that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. Click here for more information and to sign up. No cost for your session!


Lorie Nelson

10 AM - Noon - Wednesdays

Signature Virtual Assistance

Lorie is available to anyone who has administrative concerns, wants to learn more about what support her company provides or just wants to get together.

Devrick LaGrone

3-7 PM - Wednesdays
By appointment: 314-496-2958

Millenium Entertainment Group, Inc.

Devrick is available to discuss opportunities to learn more about how to get into television, film and movie development. Their services include Concept Development, Video Production, Synchronization, Digital Publishing, Editing Audio/Visual, Special Effect Development, Set Lighting, Entertainment Projects, Casting and Talent Placement and much more.

Ralleigh Grandberry III

10 AM - 1 PM or by appointment


What is mindful?  What are you mindful of ? Where would you like to go? Ralleigh of VOCPAS is available to discuss basic educational standards to help you on your journey.  Contact Ralleigh at 314-281-8015 or ralleigh@vocpas.org.

Michael Greenberg

Call for Content

Michael Greenberg is available to discuss content marketing basics, how to position yourself in a market, or outsourcing/hiring freelancers online. You can schedule with him by appointment via email to discuss anything else of interest.

Cynthia Correll

Communication Architect

The Branding Clinic

  • Expert hands-on, one-hour evaluation of your branding, marketing, presentations
  • Bring in your materials, ideas, URLs for review
  • Leave with specific feedback, recommendations and ideas
  • Create more powerful connections to your prospects & audiences

To schedule, contact Cynthia Correll at 636-751-4144 or by email.

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