COVID-19 Policy FAQs

Some Medici staff will return to work at our facility starting Monday, June 1. We've received a few questions about what "reopening" Medici actually means, so we put together a brief list of questions and answers that should help.

Q: Can we invite guests to Medici?
A: Yes. Just keep in mind that we continue to practice social distancing, so no large groups. We also require all members and guests to sign in and out at the front desk.

Q: What exactly is a "large group" of guests.
A: It depends on the size of the space you reserve. Use your best judgment. If the potential size of your meeting/event concerns you, please let the Front Desk know. We'll work with you towards a solution as best we can.

Q: Can we reserve bookable spaces?
A: Yes. Again, keep social distancing in mind. Our Front Desk staff still handle all bookings and may reject a booking request if the event would put the community's health at risk.

Q: Are we going to host Medici Strategy Sessions in person again?
A: Sometimes. We're happy to lead strategy sessions at the facility if we know attendees will be there in person. So, let us know if you plan to be there in person. We will continue to host all sessions on Zoom, even when some of us attend at the facility.

Q: Do we have to wear a mask?
A: Yes, in all common areas, hallways, and bathrooms. We have masks at the front desk if you need one.

Let us know if you have any other questions we can answer.