Replace Rules with Values: the Medici Principles & Mutual Respect

Defining the Terms

I think many people pay little attention to the impact of these two words: mutual respect. Mutual does not only mean common. The original usage derived from an ancient root that implied actions of to change, go, move, which when first used in early Modern English carried the meaning of “reciprocally given and received.” (source) Then, consider respect. It carries the meaning of “looking back (or often) at someone” (source)–an intentional awareness of others. Combining these two words initiates power. Acting on them invokes the magic of why we are here. 

Mutual Respect implies vital life actions. I have experienced much beauty in my life that illustrates the effects of mutual respect. For instance, I have been at concerts and seen tears flowing as the musicians moved towards the audience, giving the audience the essence of themselves. I have felt my own flow, too, when staring straight into the bold, impressionistic, color-saturated strokes of Vincent Van Gogh’s works and sensing his connection with me, and mine with him. I could give many similar reactions to works of literature like those offered by Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Such creators, in any business or field, who know themselves work with an understanding: their expressions of self affect all who interact with them, and the response of others impacts them right back. 

A Personal Understanding

Reflect on this for yourself, please. What are times when you encountered some expression or form of beauty that brought you to the point of tears, jumping up and down with excitement, or simply stopped you in your tracks? Grab hold of one memory for yourself. Get that emotion. Analyze for yourself why it hit you that way. 

Please do this. Now, you have the sense of this precious principle.

Such instances illustrate the power and magic of mutual respect. I make the move towards others with expressions of myself in words, actions, and, significantly in the house of Medici, products and services. If I consider others in the sense of moving towards them with the expectation of giving and receiving on both parties’ parts, powerful connections begin. 

The products and services may be anything that embodies who you are and what your purpose is: a mechanic, jeweler, podcaster, or anything that expresses You. Some will not notice or respond, but that does not deter you from showing mutual respect, the sense of you moving towards others in a way that shows you thought of them. 

A Community Application

This powerful force shapes the character of influential and successful businesses. In the house of Medici, I delight when I see such energy infused into the work many do. No wonder this is one of the Core Principles. 

In fact, the function of this concept makes it possible for this house to work via principles rather than laws. Core Principles shape the character and nature of this creative and productive community. Pay attention to them through these messages. Apply them as you reflect on them. Do not allow them to be words on posters throughout the building, for cold words on walls in a mere building do not speak to the vibrant possibilities of inspired creation and production. 

This house of Medici is more than a building. This house embraces creators and collaborators, entrepreneurs who embrace life on a deep level, if they choose wisdom. The Core Principles hold wisdom.

Yet, all of this vibrancy and vitality operates within a physical building. Mutual respect means that when I use the facility and tools herein, I do so with a constant looking and moving towards others, an awareness that my fellow creators are engaged in their work. The principle lives, and I neither inconvenience others nor destroy their ability to come and use the same common areas of production. I leave areas where I have worked in the same condition I find them. If I encounter a problem area, I go respectfully to those responsible or to management and solve the issue together. 

Such responses carry the essence of mutual respect. True maestros understand this; they know how all of life plays into the concept of mutual respect. As the maestro, I urge you to consider this valuable Core Principle.

These principles represent values, not rules and regulations. A maestro understands life principles work for those who know their own purpose and who engage in mutual respect.