How Can We Help?

Medici offers a wide variety of services that we combine to create a membership specifically for you.

Whether you need a place to do business, tools to support your business, or a supportive community to help you grow, we've got you covered.

Our Facility

Reservable Spaces: We charge a flat monthly rate for access to our conference rooms, bookable office studios, green screen, and photography studio. $150 per month for access during normal business hours, $300 per month for 24/7 access to the facility. Only need a one-time rental? Reserve our spaces at an hourly rate here.

Dedicated Office Space: Our office spaces range in price from $300 - $1250 per month. These rates also include access to our reservable spaces. Call Alex at (314) 313-9607 to ask what we have available.


Online Services

Weekly Business Strategy Sessions: Think of these as group business consulting. We get a room full of entrepreneurs and offer advice on how to grow your business. You can find our weekly schedule and links to join the sessions on our events page.

Zoom Concierge Services: Can include hosting and managing your Zoom meetings and webinars, recordings, video editing, and live tech support.

Media Hub: A customized and branded platform to host and share all your media in one organized location.