Member Spotlight: Take Action with Leisa Jenkins

Take Action Success Seminar

When Leisa Jenkins visited Medici MediaSpace for the first time, she recognized the value of belonging to this community. She had a vision to take her business to an entirely different level, and she realized immediately that the tools she needed were all there. She became a member and began working with a team at Medici to fulfill her dream of growing her coaching business and showcasing a variety of inspirational speakers at quarterly seminars.

The first Take Action Success Seminar was held at Medici on March 10, and it was a huge success. Over 75 participants had the opportunity to meet and hear the six speakers and be part of the interactive lunchtime breakout sessions. The Take Action Success Seminar series has taken the lead in helping entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers, CEOs, sales people, service professionals, executives, and anyone who wants to take massive action in their life to positively impact their business.

Leisa will be hosting the next seminar on Friday, June 9, at Medici. To learn more about this groundbreaking seminar, go to the Take Action Success Seminar website.