The Significance of Community Focus

One of our Core Values, Community Focus helps us to thrive. I share a few thoughts here to bring us to focus on our community.

Community may entail many concepts—one scholar found over 90 definitions of the word! However, I want to focus on the idea that communities have a common interest. At Medici MediaSpace, we value the common ideal of developing successful, creative businesses utilizing the support and encouragement of one another within this facility.

Consider that a community, at its root level, functions as an organism, a living entity, made up of living cells which are each a member of the collective. To me, this evokes a sense of involvement that includes mutual benefit, just as with a body. The cells help the body function as a whole, and the body houses and brings nutrition to the cells. The house of Medici MediaSpace at its root level is an organism.

The following questions serve to help us to think along this line:

  • How can we help encourage one another in our business endeavors?
  • What support can we render to others here within our community?
  • When and where can we celebrate as a community?
  • When and where can we address community issues?
  • What activities might encourage creativity?

Our specific community organism yields products and services we each create and wish to bring to the marketplace, whether that is B2B or the end consumer. These efforts result in individual businesses, whether sole proprietorships or organizations. I think it’s wise to remember how much community focus benefits all of us.