The Value of Celebration

At this time of the year, I want us to reconnect with the joys of entrepreneurship. Let’s celebrate. I think of the lyrics “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.” Some of us reduce celebration to mechanically keeping holidays without any accompanying reflection. When we understand the value of celebration, we get to choose the theme of reflection. What has been good and great about this week, month, year?

At this time of the year, possibilities present themselves for group celebration! Even if life is not what we expected, we can explore and discover facets of joy, whether they’re in what we learned, what we profited by, or even in remembrance of those we have lost. Celebration rests in our minds and souls, whatever way we choose to express it. And sometimes, we choose to engage in a more private form of celebration to acknowledge everything we came through on our own. I find myself in this position more often than not.

These moments of celebration make us pause and be mindful, and that boosts our well-being.

Psychology Today

Many of us struggle with self-promotion. How do we tout our successes in an attempt to build credibility while remaining humble and not looking braggadocious? Is this a humblebrag? How do we solicit media coverage without coming across as arrogant or egotistical? Is this the purpose of a press release? I have many suggestions for conquering the challenges of self-promotion (join us during strategy sessions to learn more), but the topic this week made me ponder. Have you ever considered a celebration as a means to address the struggle to promote oneself?  

Think about it. Celebrating a life achievement, whether an annual event like a birthday or reaching a monumental goal like retirement, is an opportunity for acknowledging our accomplishments in a sharing and inclusive way. 

Still worried about a celebration coming across as a self-promoting event? Ask a friend to help throw a party for or with you, or hire a party planner to take the lead. At Medici, we coined the expression of making it a three-way–creating a win-win-win approach. Everyone gets to share in the joy of valuing their own work. Including others in your celebration is an opportunity to win.

At times, I can be a self-reflecting hermit, but I also like to party! Let’s celebrate!