The value of diversity on a Monday morning

In the dating world, most people look for a partner with common interests who comes from a similar background. People gravitate toward friends who are like them, with the same politics, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, even the same taste in food.

I suppose the idea is that you’re more likely to get along with someone if you feel related rather than different.

But associating only with people who are alike can contribute to being narrow-minded. When someone has different perspectives from our own, when their upbringing or background or life experience seems alien, it challenges us to think in new ways.  It might stimulate us to ask questions we’ve never before pondered. It can open our eyes and minds and hearts.

This is the magic in Medici Magic Mondays. People of all ages, different races, religions, politics, and nationalities, with various viewpoints, come together to share their ideas and questions.  We get to learn from and with each other. We have thought-provoking discussions.  

Sometimes the conversations are business related. Some are about the state of the world or the arts. People might seek advice or share a success or simply check in to start the week with friendship and fellowship.

At any moment, the magic might center around a great new restaurant or interesting movie or listening to a member’s latest podcast or outlining an idea for a new venture. I always look forward to the connections and conversations.