The Value of Reflection

The transition from one year to the next provides opportunities to reflect. Humans are unique in the degree to which we can do this, and reflection offers many valuable benefits. It shows us how we lived, produced, and fulfilled our expectations. Perhaps our personal and business expectations are the same and are the object of our reflection. 

Here are some questions to help begin:

  • Do my activities and behaviors measure up to my goals?
  • Have I been true to what I set out to do this past year?
  • What do these reflections show me about myself and my business?

More topics of reflection could be added. I offer this analogy to you. Think of your reflections as looking into a literal mirror, one that you gaze into at the beginning of each month. What does the image staring back at you look like? Does the reflection measure up to your expectations of yourself and your goals?

Now, allow me to draw a parallel to the house of Medici. Maybe you choose to reflect in the mirror of our Core Values, or maybe you would do it in the light of your personal principles. For instance, how does my marketing strategy of the past year reflect the principle of Collaboration? How does my service offer value that benefits my clients? Does something need to change?

You get the picture, and you get to choose. The more time we take for focused reflection, the more satisfied we will be with ourselves and our business. I urge you to spend some time reflecting, and record your responses to these. If you want, I would love to hear your reflections. You can share them with me here. Perhaps the practice of accountability will help you move forward in the coming months.