What Draws People to Medici MediaSpace?

In the nine months that Medici MediaSpace has been open, there are recurring themes that tend to draw a majority of people to visit and join the community. They come to us to help them give birth to their ideas, dreams and goals, and we gladly give them feedback in our regularly-scheduled strategy sessions. Members can take a deeper dive with sessions that we oversee on their behalf.

Many people are independent or small business owners who have been trying to get ahead on their own and are looking for assistance with business consulting, media and marketing services, pricing models, organizational structure and event planning. Some of them are ready to scale their businesses and need a team to help them do it faster. We have the space to accommodate events that are large and small, and many of our members are holding workshops and seminars. We’re blessed to have members who want to benefit the community and are bringing their passion projects to us.

Our business model supports an endless array of possibilities because we invite members who offer a variety of expertise and talents to collaborate on projects with other members and clients. Our diverse community has a mix of business experts who provide consulting, marketing, training, speaking and IT services. We are also a place where creative artists – authors, actors, videographers, photographers, podcasters, radio broadcasters and music producers – make magic happen.

As the community grows, the space around us is designed to expand with us. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for people who recognize that this is the place where they have what they need to take action and make their dreams come true.

Come by for a visit and find out if Medici MediaSpace is the right place for you.

Ideas shape the course of history.~  John Maynard Keynes