What is Your Medici?

Medici MediaSpace set a fast pace in the beginning of this year, and there have been several exciting milestones accomplished. We’re honored to have had the support and participation that was needed to build this extraordinary, collaborative community. We recently asked some of our members, “What is Your Medici?”, and this is a recap of their answers.

  • We like to conduct one-on-one meetings with clients and members in the office spaces.
  • The conference rooms and studio have been ideal for hosting workshops, training sessions and seminars for small and large groups.
  • The general and focused strategy sessions have been beneficial for making connections, generating ideas and getting projects started and finished.
  • The media facilities and services have made it easy to creatively share our business stories and engage clients with video, podcasts and radio interviews.

Most of all, they appreciate the authenticity, collaboration and abundance mindset of the community.

We co-create our reality with others in unseen ways.  ~ Doug Dillon